Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the work involved in properly maintaining your pool? Do you wish that someone else would do all the time consuming maintenance so that you could simply enjoy your pool?

Once your swimming pool is built, it will need regular attention to keep it in good working order throughout the seasons. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your pool in a clean and healthy condition at all times.

Pool cleaning can be very complex, considering the variety of systems you will encounter. From vacuuming and brushing the pool walls and flooring to maintaining the filtration system and pH levels to sanitizing and treating the water, the responsibilities are burdensome and our pool care technicians will provide valuable assistance.

We provide year round pool maintenance service for all your pool needs. We provide pool care for holiday homes, residential home owners and also community run swimming pools. We make your pool crystal clear and free from all impurities by proper maintenance and carrying out all the chemical tests.

Our qualified, uniformed technicians provide year-round service to pool owners.

We also offer routine maintenance, such as, filter cleanings and equipment sales and/or repairs. We have ready access to almost any replacement part you might need.

At each visit we : 

* Check pool water level – top up as required

* Check ph and chlorine levels

* Clear all floating debris

* Brush pool bottom and sides

* Scrub water/tide line

* Clean skimmer filter/pool deck area

* Clean steps and handrails

* Check operation of pump timer and set for conditions

Why us?

* Full detailed report and invoice for the work completed

* 100% workmanship guarantee

* Comprehensively trained technicians

* We support all major brands warranties on our installations

* All operators carry full insurance

Call us at 613-704-5903 to find out more about the services offered. For a complete list of all the areas checked during an inspection, please call us to set up an appointment.


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